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Thierry Boutemy’s bouquet

fleurs19251Photo @ Oskar

If we had to introduce him (as if we still needed to), we could name drop endlessly, but when you get to know the floral artist, you realise that isn’t his style at all. He’s all about getting back to flowers, to his free-ranging passion for sprigs and twigs, which he presents as simply as possible. And every time it’s magic.

It’s a simple, spontaneous bouquet. It’s much easier to create a bouquet with bottomless resources than it is to create a small bouquet that expresses real feelings.

Forget-me-nots. They’re flowers that are tied to my memories of childhood.

If you had to choose a single flower?
Iris Germanica, which is the garden iris used in perfumery. It’s the one Frédéric Malle uses in his fragrance Iris Poudré. It’s the flower that I love.



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