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Séverine Piette


sev_02©Olivia Garcia Comorera

There’s day, and there’s night. By night, the illustrator Séverine Piette goes wild with her special charcoal pencil (that you can only get in New York) for Recto Verso. Every month she gives us her poetico-realist interpretation of somebody’s ultra-personal fetish object.

Recto? PR

Verso? Illustrator

Dream? To remember them, to let them take flight, to live them to the full, and always to have them.

Addiction? Opening other people’s fridges.

Guru? Sophie Carrée

Sin? Everything is wonderful with loads of whipped cream.

Compulsion? Which one? Which one? Which one? Which one?

Hobby? Reiki, Somatic psychology, Tarot, Yoga, reaching a higher plane whilst still staying grounded.

Confession? I love crosswords, Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit and sleeping for hours and hours…

Secret? I have two voices.

Regret? That one of my voices isn’t in tune enough to sing Francis Cabrel at karaoke nights.

Hangout? Private views

Secret lovechild? No, but maybe a hidden defect!

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