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Patricia Goijens’s cat


The photographer and interior stylist Patricia Goijens has an unerring eye for the original, the unusual and the beautiful, which she captures for her clients and on her blog, No Glitter No Glory. An interview, head-to-head, with her cat, George.

Texte Emma Beddington. Photo Oskar.

” My boyfriend Dieter and I have an irregular lifestyle, we lived in London for a while, we travel a lot so we didn’t want to get a pet right away when we moved in together. But then we bought our first apartment and all of a sudden I felt like “I have to have a cat”. I even had dreams about it! We had 3 cats we could choose from but George was by far the most sassy and curious kitten of the bunch. Plus he was SO FLUFFY! Because he’s a British shorthair, we wanted a name of a British king. The fact that George is also a Beatle only made the choice easier!
I often joke that George is somewhere between a dog and a cat because he is so easygoing. Whenever we have company, he’s always very curious and social, he always wants to be involved. Sometimes he’s a bit of an attention seeker, he loves it! From the beginning, Dieter and I put George in the kitchen at night because we didn’t want him messing with our sleep. (He has a tendency to wake you up at 2AM) Every morning I wake up and let him out of the kitchen and it feels a little bit like Christmas! He comes and asks for hugs and “talks” to me. And yes, I do talk back! It’s a cliché but when I’m alone with him he is my best friend. I work from home most days and he makes for lovely company. He’s always nearby and because he’s (mostly) so calm he brings me peace. I’ve had some health issues for a long time last year and I felt so happy having him in our house. I believe that animals can really feel your pain and help you.

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