Complice 47881

Complice 47999

After three years in Vietnam, they’re back and they’re in great shape. Operating under the code name “Oskar”, partners in photography and in life Arnaud de Harven and Thi-Thi Nguyen are our dream team.

Recto? A Brussels-based photographic and creative duo.

Verso? A long-legged photographer and a hard-headed creative.

Dream? To be rich and famous.

Addiction? Oskar.

Hobby? EBay.

Regret? None yet.

Guru? Macgyver.

Secret? Oskar’s SECRET hangout.

Sin? Tofu

Compulsion? Just a few nervous tics.

Confession? We missed Belgium.

Stomping ground? Oskar’s secret hangout.

Hidden lovechild? We’ve got two – a black one and a white one.



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