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Moïse Mann’s figurine


Moïse Mann is above all, a man who loves beautiful stones. He has run his jewellery business since 2009, creating unique, exceptional pieces for a discerning clientèle. A master in the art of setting stones, he has offered a new setting, if not a new lease of life, to the iconic Maison Holemans on the Sablon. He confided in us through the prism of a single, unique object. His fetish object, basically.

Drawing by Séverine Piette.

“Generally, I don’t get attached to objects and I’m not really a collector. I’m a romantic sentimentalist above all, who would rather give away or share than keep for myself. This figurine was given to me to destroy, but I couldn’t get comfortable with the idea that it would disappear for ever. Actually, as a result of having it close to me, I’ve become very attached to it and I can’t bring myself to melt it down. I can say it has truly become a good luck charm, I wear it from time to time and it’s never far away from me. In contrast, I’m never sad to see a stone leave the workshop, unless the client doesn’t truly appreciate its qualities or doesn’t really understand it. My dream is to create a single, emblematic piece of jewellery which would capture the essence, the identity and the know-how of Malays. I’m working on it!”

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