March 31, 2016

Another mountain

montagne alternative recto verso magazine 14 Continuez

.. Or a little corner of paradise that scales the highest heights. If you’re looking for a place to find yourself, to recharge your batteries and relax and to be at one with nature in summer or in winter, look no further than Montagne Alternative.Continue

March 7, 2016

Daphne Velghe’s London



She divides her time between New York, London and Antwerp. The young Belgian model Daphne Velghe (who has modelled for M.A.C, Dior, Natan, Jean Paul Lespagnard…) of the Dominique Models agency dropped her bags for just long enough to chat to us about one of her great loves: London. We take a look at her souvenirs collected over there and check in with the Louis Vuitton City Guide over here.Continue

February 8, 2016

Pierre Marcolini’s Paris



The chocolatier flits from European destinations to more exotic climes faster than we can inhale one of his luscious ganaches. With lots of stops in Paris, he’s become an expert in the art of terrace appreciation – a cigar clamped in his teeth and a good vintage in his glass.Continue

January 28, 2016

Jean-Paul Lespagnard’s Tokyo



Meet a man with wanderlust. The Belgian designer chose to talk to us about his love for Tokyo. With the Louis Vuitton CityGuide in his pocket and a set of ‘made in Japan’ souvenirs he’s brought back over here.Continue

January 9, 2016

Scotland with Hendrick’s

IMG_2242 Continuez

The programme? Three days, two nights. Scotland. And gin. Probably the quirkiest of all gins: Hendrick’s. Invitation accepted. Stomach duly lined with a good spoonful of olive oil, the press trip can start.Continue

December 7, 2015

Thierry Brunfaut’s New York



The co-founder of the Base Design agency touches down in the big Big Apple several times a year, often for work, but always for pleasure too. We take a look at his souvenirs from over there and check-in – with help from the Louis Vuitton city guide – back over here.Continue