October 11, 2016

Moïse Mann’s figurine



Moïse Mann is above all, a man who loves beautiful stones. He has run his jewellery business since 2009, creating unique, exceptional pieces for a discerning clientèle. He confided in us through the prism of a single, unique object. His fetish object, basically.Continue

August 8, 2016

Escuyer’s socks


The backstage of a belgian brand. How to make a sock from A to Z. Continue

June 8, 2016

Cyrielle Christiaens’ Persian cat



Cyrielle is the face and the artistic director of Kure, the concept store which has just opened its second outlet in Avenue Louise. An encounter face to face with Georges, her feline sidekick, who has become a sort of Kure mascot despite himself.Continue

June 8, 2016


001cr Continuez

A story by Kris De Smedt & Adrien Gras. Continue

April 12, 2016



It’s the original and first ever blue jean and over 140 years later, it’s more popular than ever before. In celebration of 100 years of partnership with Cone Mills Denim in North Carolina, the Levi’s® brand presents a short documentary film, The 501® Jean: Stories of an OriginalContinue

March 3, 2016

Michel Perry’s Notebook

objet-michel perry_Moleskine_NB_WEB


Michel Perry is an aesthete. The artistic director of JM Weston, producers of beautiful shoes, this French dandy’s personal work is based around painting, and his ideas are born in his pocket notebook. His fetish object, basically. Continue

January 11, 2016

Anne Valérie Hash’s headphones

RV_Casque_DEF_WEB Continuez

The Parisian designer (formerly in haute couture) seems to have settled in at Comptoir des Cotonniers: she’s already produced her second collection for the brand. As she passed through Brussels, we asked her to tell Recto Verso about herself through the prism of a single object. Her fetish object, basically.Continue

December 6, 2015

Chantal Thomass’s Lipstick

rouge chantal thomass mac Continuez

She’s the queen of lace and of the boudoir. The iconic French lingerie designer Chantal Thomass tells us about herself through the prism of a single object. Her fetish object, basically.Continue

December 2, 2015

In the office with Sophie Helsmoortel

Sophie Helsmoortel Bureau Recto Verso Magazine


She’s the woman behind the womenswear boutique Cachemire Coton Soie and the Blanc Kelly label’s perfectly cut shirts.Continue

December 1, 2015

Olivia Hainaut’s bag



Olivia Hainaut deftly threads pearls and sparkles, puts clever slogans on badges and transforms leather goods and soft scarves in sublime ways. We asked her to tell us about herself through the prism of a single object: her fetish object, basically.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the Garden with Christina Zeller

Jardin_christina zeller_delvaux_recto verso magazine


She’s the artistic director of leather goods house Delvaux. Christine Zeller appreciates beauty, everywhere, even in the hidden corners of her garden. Both her garden in Paris, and the one here, in Brussels. Little confidences, shared among the bamboo, box hedge and wisteria.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the Garden with Eva Velasquez

eva velasquez jardin recto verso Continuez

They are inseparable. Brother and sister Eva and Hugo are twins, sixteen years apart. Together, they have launched their own clothing line under the name Eva Velasquez. We take a tour of Eva’s garden, where Hugo has also been living for the past 9 months, which is also the gestation period for their project.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the kitchen with Jose Enrique Ona Selfa

Session Sans Titre54520 Continuez

We caught up with him between two Thalys trips: the fashion designer Jose Enrique Ona Selfa (Cambre graduate) has just completed his most recent Spring-Summer collaboration with LIL Paris, a French knitwear house. Delicate and warm, just like back home – he’s originally from Spain – he cooked up a lentil dish called Lentejas on Sunday night, to serve to us piping hot for lunch the next day. Delicious.Continue

December 1, 2015

Stéphanie Anspach’s cat

stephanie anspach et chat serge recto verso magazine


She’s 24 and she’s just completed her fourth eponymous ready to wear collection. Stéphanie Anspach has a thing for knit, an even bigger thing for Less is More and enough determination to sink a ship. An interview, head to head with her cat sidekick, Serge.Continue

October 21, 2015

In the Garden with Marie-Chantal Regout

regout rue blanche 131 Continuez

The owner of the Rue Blanche fashion label has created a space in her image: chic and laidback. We take a walk with Marie-Chantal Regout, among her ponds, orchards and hydrangeas.Continue