October 11, 2016

Philippe Koeune



There’s Philippe and then there’s Koeune. Or Philippe Koeune. Or PK. In short, he’s a guy with plenty of imagination who amuses himself by putting his name on the pages of ripped-up magazines.Continue

October 11, 2016

Séverine Piette



There’s day, and there’s night. By night, the illustrator Séverine Piette goes wild with her special charcoal pencil (that you can only get in New York) for Recto Verso. Continue

September 7, 2016

Frederik Delbart

frederikdelbart_copyright-patriciagooijens_2016_3 Continuez

Once he had created a table called RectoVerso, we couldn’t resist offering the Belgian designer Frederik Delbart our cover.Continue

July 11, 2016

Jean-Paul Masse de Rouch

JPMDR-6b-®CiciOlsson Continuez

Jean-Paul Masse de Rouch est un écrivain, un journaliste, un photographe, un collagiste. Assurément un esthète dans l’âme, ce doux poète au regard de braise nous transporte aussi au gré de ses voyages avec sa revue annuelle nommée Travellings. Il signe notre cover estivale. Continue

March 4, 2016

Serge Leblon

serge leblon recto verso magazine Continuez

He’s a big name in photography. Fashion photography particularly. An artist with a distinctive soft focus, poetic style. The cover he’s selected for us this month is personal and enigmatic.Continue

February 5, 2016




His name is Phil Constantinesco, but “Faunesque” is the name he uses for his illustration portfolio. Originally from Alsace, he’s now made his home Brussels. His main profession is motion design but he’s been attracted to illustration for a few years. He’s created our February cover for us: an exercise in duality.Continue

January 12, 2016

Boris Beaucarne



Boris Beaucarne is Julos Beaucarne’s son. He’s also an epicurean dandy who can often be found hanging out around Maru. But above all, he’s an artist who keeps his talents under wraps. Eccentric, serious, tender, mysterious, addicted to felt tip pens, occasional DJ, he was delighted to take on the task of designing our first cover of the year.Continue

December 7, 2015

Dae Mee Van Der Haegen

dae mee van der haegen recto verso


For our December cover the Belgian-Korean artist (and La Cambre graduate) has created a scene featuring this distinctive little flowered trunk by Louis Vuitton. It’s a visual invitation on a sort of bucolic road trip.Continue

December 1, 2015

Mélodie Oralarkaya



Mélodie Oralarkaya: Take a ray of sunshine, add a good dose of culture – with a particular fondness for art and fashion – top with carmine red lipstick, high heels for every occasion and turn of phrase for crafting Recto and Verso articles for us. She’s a rare jewel, in other words.Continue

November 7, 2015


Complice 47881


After three years in Vietnam, they’re back and they’re in great shape. Operating under the code name “Oskar”, partners in photography and in life Arnaud de Harven and Thi-Thi Nguyen are our dream team.Continue

October 5, 2015


facetoface profiles


They’re inseparable, different but perfectly complementary. These are the people that dreamed up Recto Verso’s visuals, from the logo to the colours and the newsletter. Flore on the left, Delphine on the right. The two co-founders of FaceToFaceDesign.Continue