October 11, 2016

Thierry Boutemy’s bouquet

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Each month, a bouquet, a florist. Continue

October 11, 2016

Junko Nakamura’s book

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Every month, a book. Composition around “La Visite” from Junko Nakamura.Continue

September 8, 2016

The sport centre La Fraineuse by Baukunst

  1. archi-spa-baukunst-fraineuse-recto-verso


The domain of the Fraineuse château in Spa has been home for the past thirty years to one of Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles’ high level sport training centres. Following a competitive tender won by the Brussels based architects Baukunst in 2010, the centre opened its new facility at the start of 2016.Continue

September 7, 2016

A bouquet by Larissa di Pietrantonio



Every month a florist, a bouquetContinue

September 7, 2016

Yann Kebbi’s book

rv_monotypes_yann-kebbi Continuez

Every month, a book. Composition around “Monotypes” from Yann Kebbi.Continue

September 7, 2016

In the workshop with Van Den Weghe

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The Belgian company Van Den Weghe imports, cuts and shapes natural stone and marble. Rather than making do with an internationally famous workshop, owner Tanguy Van Quickenborne, a contemporary art fanatic, is curating “Van Den Weghe Items”.Continue

September 7, 2016

Denis Meyer’s Fire extinguisher

extincteur solvay denis meyers recto verso magazine


With over 14 000 visitors in three months, the urban artist Denis Meyer’s Remember Souvenir exhibition/performance made a deep impression. We look back on his relationship with objects, including one of his fetishes: the fire extinguisher.Continue

July 18, 2016

On Atelier Relief’s desk

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Atelier Relief is several things at once: an artists’ residence with a perpetually open door, but also a place where objects are created, inspired by a unique idea of ‘deframing’, which gives images a new perspective. Behind this concept is the French duo Farid Issa and Thomas Erber. Continue

June 8, 2016

In the kitchen with Ann Sevrin

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At the head of the companies Action et Service and One to Be, Ann Sevrin’s expert hands dominate her carpentry, set making and luxury bespoke furniture businesses. As well as masterminding the reissue of the Jules Wabbes Livourne kitchen, she has designed and created her very own kitchen, to accommodate her kids, her friends and her family. Continue

March 6, 2016

In the Office with Louma Salamé

louma salama villa empain boghossian Continuez

Louma Salamé is the new general manager of the Boghossian Foundation Villa Empain. This young French culture vulture has taken up residence in Brussels. A view from above of her workspace on the second floor of the Villa.Continue

March 5, 2016

In the workshop with Maison Vervloet

VERVLOET10820 Continuez

There’s a breath of fresh air blowing through Maison Vervloet. This artisanal family business, with an international reputation for its artistic door and window hardware is celebrating its 110th birthday with a reinvention. We’re here for a guided tour of the workshop in the heart of Molenbeek from the owner Isabelle Hamburger.

February 8, 2016

On Muller Van Severen’s desk



Together Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen are Muller Van Severen. We take a trip to their workplace, which also happens to be the place where they live. Between Playmobil pile ups orchestrated by their two young daughters and important pieces from their « Furniture Project », this is a space where design and art meet, quite simply.Continue

February 7, 2016

Thomas Lélu’s angel



Thomas Lélu is a French photographer, writer, set designer and visual artist. Basically, a guy who can’t stay still. We asked him to tell us about himself through the prism of a single, unique object. His fetish object, basically.Continue

February 4, 2016

A fragmentary trompe l’oeil

isabelle cornaro hermes recto verso1


It’s the end of a cycle of exhibitions at Hermès, one that curator Guillaume Désanges has created in association with a selection of artists who are the heirs, whether acknowledged or not, of Marcel Duchamps. To end, the artist Isabelle Cornaro. Continue

February 1, 2016

Devrim and Liberté



Devrim Bayar, curator at the WIELS contemporary art centre, divides her time between setting up forthcoming exhibitions (her speciality is photography*) and her nine-month-old daughter, the beautifully named Liberté. Mother, daughter, complicity.Continue

January 11, 2016

In the studio with Lunetier Ludovic

portrait lunetier ludovic


They come in all shapes – round, square, rectangular, asymmetric – but they’re all unique. Ludovic Elens is mad about glasses made the right way: traditionally and uncompromisingly, from cellulose acetate or buffalo horn, from India, Madagascar or Vietnam. We had a four-eyed meet up.Continue

December 7, 2015

Pack your bags with Louis Vuitton

1065_LV_15 12 02_Expo VVV


That’s what’s on the itinerary at the Louis Vuitton exhibition “Volez, voguez, voyage” (fly, sail, travel) which has just opened at the Grand Palais in Paris. We accepted their invitation, and set off.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the Studio with Julien Colombier



His world is flowers, plants and decorative greenery for the most part. The French artist Julien Colombier has a brilliant way with chalk, always on a black background and the cover he has created for us for May is no exception. Continue

December 1, 2015

In the Garden with Lionel Jadot


JADOT08 Continuez

He wanted to show us a completely unexpected part of his garden: hidden away beyond the English style grove, there’s a wood. With one cobbled together, improvised cabin and another with all mod cons. 3 shipping containers, two military tents and whole walls of rhododendrons. It’s an improbable juxtaposition of styles the Belgian architect has a knack for combining.Continue

December 1, 2015

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s Childhood

de castelbajac recto verso magazine


Jean-Charles de Castelbajac’s new mini-collection for Petit Bateau is colourful, fresh and light. While he was passing through Brussels, we lured him back into his own childhood for just long enough for an interview and a drawing. An evocative confusion of memories and emotions.Continue