October 24, 2016

The Kolors – Episode 4




October 12, 2016

A walk with “Bonjour Georges”

bugaboo20515 Continuez

With a Swedish mother and an Italian father, Cristina is today the happy mummy to Alex (Alexandre), 4 and Loulou (Louis), 3. In the meantime, we can follow their daily adventures on Instagram @bonjourgeorgesContinue

October 11, 2016

Patricia Goijens’s cat



The photographer and interior stylist Patricia Goijens has an unerring eye for the original, the unusual and the beautiful, which she captures for her clients and on her blog, No Glitter No Glory. An interview, head-to-head, with her cat, George.Continue

October 11, 2016

The Kolors – Episode 3



Episode 3: Brown checking your opinion, Green about a certain vegetable juice, Orange about communication and Black about himself.Continue

September 22, 2016

The Kolors – Episode 2



Episode 2: Red about exercises, Yellow about T.V. and Blue about Art.Continue

September 7, 2016

The Kolors


We are pleased to welcome your future best friends, The Kolors : a gently whacky and slightly borderline tribe made of seven colorful people.
Episode 1: The introductions.Continue

June 8, 2016

Breakfast with Kyong Her

RV_DEJ2038 Continuez

She’s on duty from midday to the end of evening service. Kyong, nicknamed Kyky, is without a doubt the sparkling soul of her restaurant. She created Maru in her own image: generous, colourful and open. Without a doubt, we feel good there.Continue

June 8, 2016


RV_STILL201611321 Continuez

Ils sont les complices de notre magazine Best of 3 ans, notre édition anniversaire (en papier, en librairies!). Des biscuits, des bulles, des bougies… Joyeux nous! Continue

March 4, 2016

Breakfast with Take Eat Easy



She’s the co-founder of Belgian start-up Take Eat Easy, which chooses the very best restaurants in big cities (Brussels-Paris-Madrid and more) to deliver a selection of the tastiest dishes to your door in double quick time. We got her to share her morning secrets, along with her favourite breakfast, with us.Continue

February 8, 2016

Breakfast with Hendrik Dierendonck



He’s become Belgium’s celebrity butcher almost despite himself. Because he’s more than that. Hendrik Dierendonck is in love with his trade and his world. A demanding, authentic artisan and a lover of good living and good things. Breakfast is no exception. He shares some morning secrets, along with his favourite breakfast, with us.Continue

February 6, 2016

Luc Petit’s cockatoos

petit_perroquet Continuez

This is Iodocus, but in the huge made-to-measure aviary you’ll also find Pinkie, Léonardo, Chanel… A grand total of seven parrots live with the theatrical maestro. The director from Tournai is the man behind a number of huge, extravagant productions including Cirque du Soleil, Peter Pan and the Waterloo Memorial. A face to face meeting with this rare bird and his birds.Continue

January 12, 2016

Breakfast with Chyl



Two of the four founders of the organic neo-canteen and shop Chyl, these guys are good looking, ambitious and brimming with ideas. They shared some of their morning secrets with us, accompanied by their favourite breakfast. In collaboration with IKEA. Continue

December 20, 2015

In the kitchen with Pascal Devalkeneer

DV4087 2 Continuez

Between two services, Pascal Devalkeneer of the Chalet de la Forêt revealed the secrets of one of his childhood favourites for us.Continue

December 2, 2015

Karolin Van Loon’s Tribe

rectoverso-102_ok Continuez

She certainly doesn’t do things by halves: Karolin Van Loon splits her time between her three cuties (Vince, 6, Julian, 4 and Lavinia, 2) and her jewellery line, the soberly named Karolin Studio.Continue

December 1, 2015

David Sdika’s hen

DAVID Continuez

He’s the co-founder of the co-working space Factory Forty and here he is, head to head with one of his chickens, a Silkie called Pomponette.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the Kitchen with Betty Marais

Betty marais recto verso portrait


Food is part of her DNA. Betty Marais – community manager for the food world – is also the founder of a culinary communications agency, connecting chefs, events and diners all over the world. Deliciously bubbly, this gorgeous Parisienne lives and eats life to the full and cooks her linguine vongole al dente.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the Studio with Le Typographe

ARTISANS2724 Continuez

Le Typographe, formerly in Rue Franz Merjay, has expanded a little since it set up shop at 67 Rue Americaine in Ixelles. From a single storey, it now occupies three floors. Instead of 2 employees, there are now 14. In one swoop it has shifted to 5 lead presses. There are sales outlets in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo in the pipeline. With no less than 800 type cases of movable characters, Cedric Chauvelot is still working with the same passion and the same careful gestures bringing together letters and beautiful paper. An encounter with the typographer himself.Continue

December 1, 2015

Nathalie Pollet’s Dalmatian



The graphic design agency Pam & Jenny is actually just one person: Nathalie Pollet. She’s responsible for Charleroi’s (very successful) graphic facelift, among other projects. An interview, head-to-head with her Dalmatian, Cramique.Continue

December 1, 2015

In the kitchen with Sophie Carrée

Sophie Carrée Cuisine Recto Verso Magazine


Despite being born in Paris to a French father and a Russian mother, Sophie Carrée chose to set up her eponymous press and communications agency in Brussels. Which is probably the reason for this recipe for veal with sage and braised chicory, with a rather Belgian flavour.Continue