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A unique exhibition in an exceptional space. From now until 11 December, discover Oscar Jespers and his home, the artist and his refuge, the work and its inspiration.

As a sculpture student at the Antwerp Academy Oscar Jespers memorised, sketched, drew. No material escaped his attention, from marble to plaster. Influenced by the greats, Jespers swiftly evolved towards an eclectic style, bordering on expressionism. From his cubist illustrations in the Bezette Stadà review to his series of nudes, his rich and varied body of work constitutes an enduring, important testament to a pivotal moment in art history.

Employed as a sculpture teacher at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Architecture et des Arts Décoratifs, Jesper moved to Brussels and, in 1928, had a magnificent studio-cum-apartment block built for him by his friend, the architect Victor Bourgeois, a leading light of the Modernist movement. It is in this understated space, with its flat roof, Oscar Jespers’ life and work will be explored. A must-see, both inside and out.

“Oscar Jespers at Home”, from 20 October to 11 December, 1 to 5pm, 149 Av du Prince Héritier, 1200 Brussels, www.atelierjespers.com 


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