November 28, 2016

Musical chairs


Six designers, five chairs. And some clothes by COS. Continue

November 9, 2016

UTC + 1



Portobello Road – London. Two stylists scour the lanes of the famous vintage market in search of inspiration. Tucked away on a stall, a classic watch, a refined design, boldly unique – the very essence of the now-famous Henry London brand.Continue

October 21, 2016

At home



A unique exhibition in an exceptional space. From now until 11 December, discover Oscar Jespers and his home, the artist and his refuge, the work and its inspiration.Continue

October 17, 2016




Bye-bye Culinaria and hello Autumn. This new gastronomic concept will excite even the most jaded tastebuds over the next two weeks.Continue

October 12, 2016

Russian autumn at Vuitton

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The exhibition is called “Icons of Modern Art”. An important collection of masterpieces from the Shchukin collection are going on show at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. And it’s their first trip outside Russia.Continue